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the object to your left is weapon of choice in the upcoming zombie apocalypse

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Date:2014 Dec 15
Comment id:1229486


Date:2013 Oct 17
Comment id:751682

A japanese cat-plush souvenir *____*

Date:2012 Nov 26
Comment id:531245

electric pencil sharpener... guess i could swing it around by the chord or something...

Date:2012 Oct 30
Comment id:522938


Date:2012 Apr 10
Comment id:464090

my daDs crowbar im readdy to crack skulls!!!

Date:2012 Jan 27
Comment id:441791

my brothers cock

Date:2011 Dec 30
Comment id:433904

Fender Telecaster - Come get some!!

Date:2011 Dec 22
Comment id:431891

glass table HELLLLL YEAH

Date:2011 Nov 29
Comment id:425747

this bro in my CHEM1015 lecture...i'm dead

Date:2011 Sep 22
Comment id:401246

An ashtray. A small one. I'm fucked.

Date:2011 Sep 12
Comment id:397727

Beanbag...weak sauce.

Date:2011 Sep 04
Comment id:394568

knitting needles

Date:2011 Aug 31
Comment id:393353

A mug...

Date:2011 Aug 26
Comment id:390863

My Nintendo DS

Date:2011 Aug 23
Comment id:389489

My foot. FUCK YEAH.

Date:2011 Aug 22
Comment id:389039

remote control

Date:2011 Aug 07
Comment id:383750

My dog Oo

Date:2011 Jul 31
Comment id:381389

green bong!

Date:2011 Jul 08
Comment id:377696

Bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Eh, I should be fine.

Date:2011 Jul 08
Comment id:377585

A 2 day worn yellow t-shirt...

Date:2011 Jul 02
Comment id:376763

The apocalypse is going to be AMAZING. I won't remember a bit of it.

Date:2011 Jun 04
Comment id:367550

The complete Dragon Ball GT series.

Date:2011 May 18
Comment id:362123

Field Hockey stick, Aww Yeah!

Date:2011 May 16
Comment id:361520

my 2nd monitor...geez...

Date:2011 Apr 28
Comment id:354302

My 30kg computercase 0_o

Date:2011 Apr 25
Comment id:352502

My dads cock??

Date:2011 Apr 24
Comment id:351752

a pillow.

Date:2011 Apr 22
Comment id:350510

I'm using a birthday card it seems

Date:2011 Apr 22
Comment id:350459

bag of crisps.


Date:2011 Apr 18
Comment id:348134

Apparently, I'm using a printer.

Date:2011 Apr 13
Comment id:346205

My 44 lbs DELL pc with 8 gigs of ram, lets rock

Date:2011 Apr 10
Comment id:344762

249 Saw..... Lets Rock!

Date:2011 Apr 08
Comment id:343541

crack cocaine ...sweeeeeeeeeeet

Date:2011 Mar 27
Comment id:337901

Wtf Am I sposed to do...WITH MY FUCKIN CURTAINS?

Date:2011 Mar 14
Comment id:331037

a dead zombie

Date:2011 Mar 14
Comment id:330986

A furry cushion....
Yeah I'm fucked :l

Date:2011 Feb 09
Comment id:258785

My birds nest lamp

Date:2011 Feb 08
Comment id:257954

absolutely nothing...

Date:2011 Jan 15
Comment id:173285


Date:2011 Jan 13
Comment id:160955

a roll of cello-tape, I'm Fucked

Date:2011 Jan 09
Comment id:128645

my other computer monitor !! lol

Date:2010 Dec 16
Comment id:108833

My phone! Could come in handy haha

Date:2010 Dec 15
Comment id:108305

windex original streak-free shine!
i think im doomed

Date:2010 Nov 28
Comment id:101402

A set of knitting needles

Date:2010 Nov 19
Comment id:96569

My Vibrator (Giggity!)

Date:2010 Nov 14
Comment id:93695


Date:2010 Nov 13
Comment id:93179

swiffer duster...godamnit ill just use my bear hands again

Date:2010 Nov 11
Comment id:92708


Date:2010 Nov 08
Comment id:91337

an external harddrive? lol

Date:2010 Nov 02
Comment id:88922

Haha, my crossbow ;)

Date:2010 Nov 01
Comment id:87983

my roomate

Date:2010 Oct 23
Comment id:84053


Date:2010 Oct 21
Comment id:83045

My television

Date:2010 Oct 04
Comment id:75725

a lamp

Date:2010 Sep 30
Comment id:74276


Date:2010 Sep 20
Comment id:71411

hello kitty band-aids

Date:2010 Sep 17
Comment id:70610

my guitar, awesome

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