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a cruel heartless man

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Date:2015 Oct 23
Comment id:1341968

With or without religion, good men will do good things, and evil men will do evil things. But for a good man to do evil things, that requires religion.

Date:2014 Jan 24
Comment id:804308

Ah, yes, because as EEEVERRYONE knows, one man's immoral actions(especially when compared to people who are 10x better than him)completely and 100% prove the sinister nature of a belief full of many different people. If you wanna play that game, i could talk about the atheists who shot up kids in a school based on whether they were religious or not, or Mother Teresa who was Christian and still dedicated her life to helping the needy/unfortunate people of the world like the values Christians actually believe in. News flash: Whether you're religious or not; NOTHING is completely black and white, folks.

You guys are just too biased, opinionated, and/or bigoted to see that.

Date:2011 Oct 21
Comment id:413318

To be fair Robertson is a pauper compared to those two. He's no less of a useless dick, of course; probably no one has pushed more people away from God than that pompous ass.

Date:2011 Aug 19
Comment id:387935

proves religion is actually useless.

Date:2011 Apr 10
Comment id:344588

1.) cherry pick your results
2.) ???
3.) profit

Date:2011 Mar 15
Comment id:331193

proves christianity is evil?

How much is five plus five?

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