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slow down you move too fast

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Date:2012 Jan 26
Comment id:441680

Ok, to the bottom 3 fucktards, lemme ask you this...if Eddie Van Halen dressed himself as a hobo, took an acoustic guitar to a street corner or subway station like this, and started to play...would you recognize it, or would you just walk by?

Walk by, most likely. When people have places to go, they really don't give a fuck. Too much to do to make ends meet, not enough time to do it all. Sad truth of the world today.

Date:2011 Jul 12
Comment id:378341

You people have never heard of him because you probably have never listened to straight violin music. You've most likely never heard of David Garrett either, who holds the world record for the fastest song played on the violin. So kindly fuck off.

Date:2011 Jun 12
Comment id:370475

lol, you guys

Date:2011 Apr 21
Comment id:349451

Look, guys, no matter how good he is there's still a moral to this. A good moral.

Date:2011 Apr 18
Comment id:347792

oh, I've heard his stupid music before, he isn't as talented as they say

Date:2011 Apr 18
Comment id:347789

yeah, ive never heard of Joshua Bell before, he must really suck

Date:2011 Apr 18
Comment id:347786

he musta not been that good obviously

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