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delicious bibles for haiti

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Date:2012 Oct 15
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a0a0a0a0 This review is from: If your home offcie looks like it does not belong there, or it appears as though you are co-ordinating a world relief project in a disaster area, this book is for you. Included here are some wonderful floor plans (large and small areas) and beautiful photographs that will give you ideas on how to incorporate an efficient and attractive offcie space into your home. No, you do not have to move to the garage and you do not have to live among the ruins any longer.Whether you are renovating an existing room, planning to add on an extra room, or building a completely separate facility, there is something here for everyone. If you find yourself with more files on the floor than in the filing cabinet, an inefficient computer station (there is nothing like getting tied up in the phone cord, while trying to find a vacant space on the top of your desk to maneuver that little mouse around,)it is time to make some chaanges and this book is for you. One is only limited by the size of their budget. Great ideas, great book!

Date:2012 Jul 11
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Date:2011 Nov 03
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Date:2011 Nov 03
Comment id:417986

Actually, they also send food, medicine, and doctors. They help with a variety of humanitarian efforts and projects. You just assume they go to shove a Bible in their face. That may be true of some, but not all (probably not even most). They also take part in a variety of humanitarian projects.
It might be wise to do some research before drawing conclusions. Also, the Bible is probably in their language.... There is little use in handing out books that cannot be read.

Date:2011 Nov 03
Comment id:417950

whats wrong with also feeding her soul?

Date:2011 Nov 03
Comment id:417947

people why wouldnt they feed her. whats wrong with also feeding her soul?

Date:2011 Nov 03
Comment id:417941

Actually most of Haiti is religious, so they probably appreciate the Bible. And also, to point out the obvious (since everyone who commented seems to have missed), the Christians don't go to Haiti just to feed them Bibles. They bring food, aid, medicine, and help build houses and such. THEN they give them a Bible. It's ironic that atheists who accuse Christians of being close-minded can turn out so close-minded.

Date:2011 Nov 02
Comment id:417923

That's not Haiti, it's in Africa!

Date:2011 Nov 02
Comment id:417881

Thanks kind sir! We really could use the toilet paper.....and it comes in such a nice shiny package from America.

Date:2011 Nov 02
Comment id:417872

Feed her first!!!!!!!!!

Date:2011 Nov 02
Comment id:417869

Seizing any opportunity to spread christianity. Oh christians...

Date:2011 Apr 24
Comment id:351209

What, didn't you know that bibles can cure cholera?

"Religion - what *can* it do?"

Date:2011 Jan 12
Comment id:153578

I'll bet they're all in English too.

Date:2010 Dec 23
Comment id:111611

she is looking at it like "what in the fuck is this shit?"

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