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do girls pee out of their butts yahoo answers

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Date:2012 Nov 15
Comment id:528623

Everyone below this with the exception of 398204 is mind-blowingly stupid.

Date:2011 Sep 14
Comment id:398204

Girls can't get hemophilia. They can carry the gene, but only their sons would actually have it.

Date:2011 May 25
Comment id:364838

Normally spoken this will not happen, but Babies CAN crap in the amniotic fluid during the last week(s) before birth. The fluid will then turn cloudy instead of clear. This can be dangerous during the birth itself for some reason I can't remember right now. Babies first poo is tar-like black substance called meconium which is primarily biological waste from its own body from the growing process inside the womb (Dead cells etc.) instead of waste from digestion of food.

Date:2011 Feb 21
Comment id:263591

nope last part was wrong again. the baby doesnt crap into the amniotic sac but it does piss. the piss is recycled through the swallowing of the amniotic fluid by the baby.

Date:2011 Feb 06
Comment id:256802

i think the last part was true, but the first 2 def are not real.

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